Christmas Rhinestone Belly Chain

Christmas Stocking Color Rhinestone Belly Chain Christmas stocking Color Rhinestone Belly Chain and Lower Back. Belly chains are also very popular amongst women, making a statement which flies in the..

Colorful Rhinestone Earrings

Colorful Rhinestone Fashion Earrings Colorful Rhinestone Earrings are made with white,black and red rhinestone. It''s beautiful and shining. It fits to any evening dress or club dress, you will catch..

Crystal Rhinestone Ankle Bracelet

3 Row Crystal Silver PL Stretchy Rhinestone Ankle Bracelet This is for a beautiful silver plated anklet (ankle bracelet) with 3 rows of sparkling white crystals.  It is 12cm in width, stretchy a..

Elegant Hollowing Carved Necklace

Elegant Hollowing Carved Short Necklace This unique Hollowing Carved Short Necklace is made in beautiful antique finish and it features a good construction. Hollow-out carved design adds individualis..

Elegant Rose Onyx Pendant Necklace

Elegant Rose With Black Onyx Pendant Necklace Rose Lace Collar with sophisticated metal flower and black onyx pendant. Extraordinary sexy feminine and elegant graceful. Perfect addition to your outfi..

Ellipse Rhinestone Necklace Earrings Set

Rhinestone Necklace With Earrings Sets Precious Set Ellipse Circles Rhinestone-Necklace and Earrings are made with white rhinestone. They are beautiful and shining. It fits to any even..

Flowers Rhinestone Necklace Earrings Set

Precious Flowers Rhinestone Necklace and Earrings Set Precious Flowers Rhinestone-Necklace and Earrings are made with white rhinestone. They are beautiful and shining. It fits to any evening dress or..

Heart Rhinestone Belly Chain

Double Heart Rhinestone Belly Chain and Lower Back. Adjustable row belt. Perfect to add some sexy sparkle to any outfit. Get the sparkling flare that every woman envies from our sexy jewelry online, t..

Inlaid Ruby Carved Bracelet

Vintage Inlaid Ruby Carved Bracelet Ruby Carved Bracelet is fashionable for the vintage Gothic style design, the ruby diamond and exquisite carving deeply attract many aficionados. You can wear it to..