Delicate Facial Hair Razor Trimmer and Eyebrow Shaver

  • Brand: ROXITA
  • Product Code: R-1289
  • Reward Points: 150
  • Delicate Facial Hair Razor Trimmer and Eyebrow Shaver
  • Delicate Facial Hair Razor Trimmer and Eyebrow Shaver
  • Delicate Facial Hair Razor Trimmer and Eyebrow Shaver
  • Delicate Facial Hair Razor Trimmer and Eyebrow Shaver
  • Delicate Facial Hair Razor Trimmer and Eyebrow Shaver
  • Delicate Facial Hair Razor Trimmer and Eyebrow Shaver
  • Price in reward points: 1500
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Latest Model of Face off ! Keep your face in tip-top shape with this Delicate Facial Trimmer and Eyebrow Styler. The two-in-one facial care tool styles and combs eyebrows so you can look your best. The delicate trimmer can gently trim away tiny unwanted hair on the nape of the neck, eyebrows, or other facial areas. It boasts high speed action for professional results in seconds. Lightweight and pencil-slim. Includes the trimmer, comb attachment, cleaning brush and 1 AAA battery.

The Facial Groomer is like having a facial salon in the palm of your hands...a battery-operated magic wand that keeps you looking beautifully groomed in seconds.

Remove facial hair
The pencil-slim Facial Groomer is a safe and easy way to remove fine, downy hairs from face, hairline, upper lip, cheeks or chin -- without razors, depilatories, waxes or electrolysis. The precision rotary blade (a miniature version of those found in electric razors) whisks away unwanted hairs painlessly. Absolutely safe to use, a special safety design keeps the blade away from direct contact with the skin. The perfect tool for getting rid of fine hairs that defy tweezing, the Facial Groomer won’t leave skin red or puffy, so you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Sculpt and trim eyebrows
Small enough to slip into a make up bag, stylish enough to leave out on a vanity, and carefully engineered for safety, the Facial Groomer is the only tool you need to keep brows immaculately groomed without painful tweezing. A special two-sided attachment provides a foolproof way to thin and trim unruly brows. One side of the attachment keeps the trimmer a precise 2mm away from skin surface; the other side raises the trimmer 4mm above the skin. Either way, brows are meticulously cropped to the ideal length and you get mistake proof results.

Safe, gentle exfoliation
Use the Facial Groomer to gently and safely exfoliate your skin. Spas and dermatologists charge a fortune for facial planing -- a procedure that removes old, dead skin cells to make room for fresh, healthy ones and helps to reduce signs of aging, sun damage, discoloration and acne scars. You can do the same thing with the Facial Groomer -- without harsh chemicals or expensive abrasive creams. The blade is specifically engineered for facial use, so you can’t overexfoliate or cut yourself. Just skim the blade gently in an upward motion, using short, light strokes. Old cells are lifted away to reveal a glowing complexion

Color : Pink

Special Features:

  • Stainless Steel rotary blade is safe and gentle
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Special engineered safety design
  • Attractive pencil-slim case
  • Eyebrow trimming attachments included
  • Advanced, modern design
  • Delicate and precise
  • Convenient and useful
  • Light and compact
  • 2-sided attachment included
  • One "AAA" Alkaline Battery Will be Included.

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